Enter the VIN to get a REVS check now

A PPSR (formerly REVS) check can tell you if the used car you are thinking of buying has any money owing on it from a previous owner. Don't risk having your new car repossessed for someone else's debt.

Buying a used car?

With just the VIN, you can also get the full vehicle history of a used car in Australia. Vehicle History Reports include:

  • Written-off and stolen vehicle check
  • Flood and storm damage check
  • Current valuation
  • Vehicle Buyback Insurance
  • Odometer windback check
  • Safety and emission ratings
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Car Buying Tips

What is a written-off vehicle?

Learn about repairable write-offs and understand what you’re getting in your used car. A vehicle that is classified as a repairable write off will have a listing in the written off vehicle register.

Don’t get ripped off when buying a used car

There are number of precautions you can take to avoid getting ripped off when purchasing a used car from private sellers.

Why should car buyers get REVS checks?

Only 33% of car buyers check that the vehicle is free from any financial encumbrance (money owing) before they commit to purchase a vehicle.

Flood-damaged cars – what to look for

Thousands of flood-damaged cars have hit the used car and auction markets in Queensland, Victoria and NSW.